Windev Integration

Info !!! To get started, you need to download the latest version of our Windev component. Download
Warning !!! For your tests, connect instead to the test platform. Connection to the test platform

By registering on the test platform, your test account will be credited with 100,000 FCFA . This will allow you to easily complete the integration tests before going into production.

Once done, follow these steps:

  • Decompress the file .zip
  • Open your Windev project
  • Go to the Project Explorer
  • right click on the External components link
  • Click on Import an external component from a file
  • A file selector opens, navigate to the folder resulting from the decompression of the file .zip
  • Select file payplus-windev-gateway.wdi present in the folder
  • The component presentation window opens, click on the button Close
Info !!! At this point, your application is ready to use PayPlus

Now go to the window where the payment will take place and open the code.
Once done, follow the next steps :

  • Initialize PayPlus by copying and pasting
    Setup is a Payplus_Setup // initialization of the Setup variable
    Setup.setPackagename("Your application's package name");
    Setup.setApi_public_key("Master key provided by PayPlus when creating your application");
    Setup.setApi_private_key("Password you provided when creating your application");
    Setup.setApi_token("Token provided by PayPlus when creating your application");
    // Definition of the mode of use. Either 'test' or 'live', example : Setup.setMode("live") ou Setup.setMode("test")
    Setup.setMode("How your application works");
  • Suppose your customer has purchased two items. To add these two articles to the setup, do like this :
    setup.addInvoiceitem(new Payplus_InvoiceItem("Jean Gucci", 3, 150, 450, "Jean bleu, de marque Gucci"));
    setup.addInvoiceitem(new Payplus_InvoiceItem("Jean Prada", 2, 100, 200, "Jean noir, de marque Prada"));
  • Class prototype Payplus_InvoiceItem
    Payplus_InvoiceItem(String name, double quantity, double unit_price, double total_price, String description) where :
    name : Item name
    quantity : item quantity
    unit_price : unit price of the item
    total_price : total price of the item
    description : description of the item purchased or other item details
  • To add the total and the description of the invoice, do like this :
    setup.setDescription("Purchase of two items in the Jeans Missebo app");
    setup.setTotal_amount(650); // allows to indicate the total amount of the invoice. this amount will be deducted from the customer
  • To start the payment process, do like this :
    Result is a Payplus_GetReport = Ouvre(FEN_PayPlus_Africa,Setup)
  • To recover the result of the payment process, do like this :
    SELON Resultat.getResponse_code()
      CAS "00"
        // successful operation
        // operation failed
Attention !!! Before a website or mobile application can use your PayPlus application, you must authorize it. En savoir +