Woocommerce Integration

Info !!! To get started, you need to download the latest version of our plugin WordPress/WooCommerce. Download
Warning !!! You must first have the plugin WooCommerce installed and activated on your site WordPress.
Warning !!! For your tests, connect to the test platform instead. Connection to the test platform

By registering on the test platform, your test account will be credited with 100,000 FCFA . This will allow you to easily complete the integration tests before going into production.

Once done, follow the next steps :

  • Log in to your WordPress administration area.
  • Click on the menu Extensions > Ajouter using the left side menu.
  • Click on the button Put an extension online présent tout juste en haut.
  • Then click on Browse 
    and choose the file .zip that you just downloaded.
  • Click on Install now in order to install the plugin.
  • Once the installation is complete, click on Activate the extension in order to activate the plugin

WordPress / WooCommerce plugin configuration

  • Click on WooCommerce in the left side menu.
  • In the submenu present just after
    WooCommerce, click on settings.
  • You should normally see Paiement Mobile in the command options present just at the bottom of the tab Paiement.
  • Click on the link Paiement Mobile.
  • Check the box Activate the PayPlus payment module
  • You should normally see PayPlus in the command options present at the very bottom of the tab menu.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you reach the section Order options, you will normally see in the column Passerelle, option Payment with PayPlus.
    Info !!! If you want to make PayPlus service your main payment option, move your cursor to the “burger menu” icon (3 horizontal lines) on the left of Payment with PayPlus in the Gateway column and drag- deposit in order to move the Payment gateway with PayPlus to the first position in the list. PayPlus will now be your first choice payment option.


  • Then click on the link Paiement avec PayPlus in order to proceed to the configuration of the plugin.
    The configuration options are as follows :

    • Enable / Disable : heck / Uncheck this box to activate / deactivate the module
    • Titre : It allows you to specify the text that the customer will see on the payment page for their order. (It is recommended to leave the default title)
    • Description : It allows you to give a lot more details about the payment solution. (It is recommended to leave the description by default).
    • Clé Principale : Enter the Master Key generated during the creation of your application.
    • Token : Enter the Token generated during the creation of your application.
    • Activate test mode : Check this box if you are still in the test payments stage. Remember to uncheck it once you are ready to accept actual payments.
    • Click on Save changes so that your changes are taken into account.